Human experiences are the founding element of our market realities. While the latter are, obviously, also made up of commercial activity and social interactions, togetherness and community remain essential to the entire ecosystem. Understanding their complexity and finding the best ways to get involved is what we do.


    Great social transformations impacting your trades, measuring change, prospective, tools to partake in cultural phenomenons.
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      Key notions to understand social transformations, strong examples to measure profound evolutions, and knowledge dissemination within organizations.
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        Brand founding mythologies and territories, symbolic usage of objects, public desires.
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          Experience Campaings

          Everyday life, actual uses, subjectives, in-situ ; collection of emerging practices and local updates.
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          • FRAC evolution

            FRAC evolution

            Frac Grand Est • "Grand Est" ACAL (Alsace-Champagne-Ardenne-Lorraine)


            We identify relational configurations between collaborators to pilot labor transformations.
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              Corporate culture transformations, reconfiguration of collaborator relationships, knowledge dissemination.
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